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Shilos my name, Shawty is another. To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you may be the world. I have angel bites :3 You have wanted me time ;3 Keep coming back yes? Leave something behind♥ , ........... Tumblring & Following Your Dreams hit counter
Are you just another brick in the wall?.

Liam’s cute :)
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soft grunge :)

soft grunge :)
Anonymous: If you had to choose between your best girl friends and your boyfriend who would you choose? 

Hard to choose… Idk I never would have to choose.

Anonymous: If you could tell anyone in the world anything, who and what would it be? 

My boyfriend ha, or ma bestie.

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Anonymous: haha 
Anonymous: listen to this, stay the fuck off my blog and il stay of yours, grow the fck up and move on. 

Suck my balls Jerry.